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  • Created a new international dance commission 'Swadesh' featuring Monisa Nayak,Arushi Mudgal & Mythili Prakash, exploring the spirituality, culture and arts of India at Liverpool and London.

  • Presented Krishna-Nartan, a Kathak presentation depicting different leelas of Lord Krishna, choreographed & conceptualized by Monisa Nayak and presented by artistes of Khanak Institute of Performing Arts, on the occasion of its 3rd anniversary.

  • Designed and choreographed 'Kathak Swaroop' a Kathak group presentation on various compositions for Mahabalipuram Festival, Govt. of Tamilnadu.

  • Choreographed in Kathak dance style on poems written by Rabindranath Tagore,for Impresario Choreography Festival.

  • Presented Kathak choreography 'Nartan' in Ananya Festival, depicting the historical development of Kathak (against the backdrop of the Purana Qila, New Delhi).

  • Choreographed group-production 'Raga-chitra' depicting the moods of various ragas, for 11th National Choreography Festival, Impresario.

  • Blending the aesthetics of tradition with modern fusion music, she has created a choreography "SPECTRUM" relating colours to sentiments.

  • Choreographed dance choreography on the theme of 'KABIR' at Lucknow Mahotsava.

  • As part of her endeavour to uphold and promote the values of aesthetic classicism, Monisa teaches at Gandharv Mahavidyalaya, New Delhi.

  • Monisa frequently presents Lecture-Demonstrations in Virasat Series and conducts workshops and interactive sessions to provide an enriching experience for the students all over India, under the aegis of Spic-Macay, a society that is dedicated to the promotion of Indian Classical music & culture amongst youth.

  • To create awareness of Classical Art Forms amongst people from different walks of society, KHANAK Institute of Performing Arts was constituted by its founder Monisa Nayak in 2011.

  • She conducted Kathak dance workshop at Kota, Rajasthan sponsored by SPIC-MACAY for spreading her Art form and to create awareness among children towards classical heritage.

  • Monisa has rendered some of the poems of Rabindranath Tagore under the direction of Smt. Madhavi Mudgal as a solo and duet (with Odissi) for the Tagore Festival, India International Centre, New Delhi.

  • As part of a mission to promote Classical Art in rural areas, she presented Lec-Dems in Gondia and Panna district for enriching tribal youth.

  • She has also combined her dance experimentally with other art forms like fashion design, retaining, all through, its classical vocabulary. To depict the moods of rain created a fusion of traditional Kathak with fashion show executed by designers Ashima-Leena.

  • As a venture for cultural confluence, Monisa presented Duet recitals harmonizing her Kathak style with Odissi, Bharatnatyam and Mohiniattam dance forms.

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